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Firewire is dead! We need more USB!
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I have been looking for a interface and a laptop around here I reached to these conclusions.

1) There is very few, barely any, USB (2.0) interfaces with more than 2 inputs, most are firewire.

2) The choice of laptops with Firewire is getting very small*, just a bit more than USB 3.0

So that take me to 2 other conclusions:

3) It is a bad Idea buy something that I may not find new products for in litle time.

4) We need more USB interfaces, we are even ready for USB 3**

So any plans for USB in the short/medium term?

*plus I keep hearing about problems of firewall and laptops

** It is easier to get a motherboard, maybe even a laptop, with USB 3 than Firewire
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