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Where to Buy Computer for Studio One
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Where do you guys recommend buying a computer for studio ONE?

Budget is around 2000-2500...


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Well, I'm very happy with my Creation Station from Sweetwater - came outta the box ready to rock. And your budget is good for that.

I had just grown tired of building my own - much like working on cars, the fun wears off after a certain point. No regrets here....!

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Bought my first computer in 1975 and since then built my own. My latest build cost me £600 for a store bought price of 1,400 and it's faster than the speed of light..So if you are rich buy one,if not build one yourself for half the price, it's easy, it's not brain surgery.
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anthonyvillena wrote:Where do you guys recommend buying a computer for studio ONE?

Budget is around 2000-2500...


The creation stations look "ok" but I'd build one. It's a pain to get the front panel controls to go onto the mobo ( it seems that used to work much better years ago)

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Are you looking for a laptop or desktop? Thats a pretty big budget. Could probably get a hell of a desktop for under $1000, and spend the rest on more gear....which is always nice.

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Build it yourself from

Although I was considering buying a gateway machine, had good luck with them.

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Got mine from a few years ago and it has worked great!
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I would go for a Mac the budget is right
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I had one custom built for me a few months back. Honestly, I will buy a MAC next time. for your budget a MAC would be a good buy
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I'm a Mac user (have more than one) and love them so I would go Mac but you could get some awesome Windows based computers for that sort of $$$ . Both work well so the choice is yours..

I forget the computers they discussed at Presonusphere last year that were designed an audio workstation .. Anyone remember what they were.. They sounded pretty good..

BTW If you get one make sure it is a "silent runner".. You don't want screaming fans etc in your studio space.
And I like SSD drives for my OS and Apps Makes start up etc soooo much quicker.. I have Mac's with SSD and without and the speed is like chalk and cheese.

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