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Want to purchase 16.0.2
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Hey Folks, About ready to purchase a StudioLive. Still up in the air about either 16.0.2 or 16.4.2.
Have been reading reviews and I have a few concerns.
I see there have been lots of Fader issues, firewire , and firmware issues as well.
I have noticed that these reviews and problems have been around 2010 2011, & 2012.
Have these issues been taken care of or are they still on going?
These units ain't cheap so I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I commit.
Need some good advise on which way to go.
Lots of Pros and Cons on the internet, but wanted to hear from some real users.
Any help, advise, etc would be much appreciated.

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I own and have used an SL 24.4.2 and a 16.0.2 for about 2 years with zero problems related to hardware. My software issues concern capture and OSX (on the Mac) and are completely related to OS upgrades.

PreSonus has great customer service and if you happen to get a defective unit (very low chance but possible with all manufacturers) they will stand behind it and make sure you are happy.
Jerry Jones

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