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AudioBox 44VSL isn't working, Please help me
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hey guys please help me; i have an audiobox 44vsl. i had problems before with the sync situation (the mac doesn't see the interface) therefore the sync light is always red . it used to work and it was blue but even then i dont know what i did to make it work every time i opened my computer i just wish it will work. 3 days ago after i havent recorded along time it was unplugged accidentally and since then the MAC does not see the interface AGAIN!!! ; i had this problem before and it was solved by just not using the computer for a few days and then i connected the power cable to the usb when the desktop was up and working; but this time it didnt work i have no idea what to do please help me why is this happening??; i was thinknig that i have a broken device but then i realized that other people have this; please help me this is so frustrating... please dont tell me to contact tech support because i tried and there is no one to talk to please please please can someone tell me how do i fix this. i read somewhere that some guys coudnt get it to work again and they returned it; a thing i cant do because i bought it last year. how is this possible that this is supposed to be a good brand and a good hardware and it is just not working; at least on should say that it was desgined for PC or something; or you should have proper technical help! i looked everywhere and there is nothing that helped me! im sure there are other guys that have this problem and dont know what to do so please can some please explain to me what is the problem and how can i solve it (if i can) i dont understand why i cant get help anywhere and it never works - ! PLEASE HELP THANK YOU!

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1. Register your device if you have not already as Alex told you a year ago.

2. Submit a support ticket. That's what they're there for. As Alex said last year, PreSonus does not provide support via the forums. These forums are here for users to help other users.

3. If you still want help here, help us to help you. As I asked in the other thread: What version of the driver are you using? What version of Mac OS? Help us to help you.
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We really want to help you. There may be a problem with the power supply. Can you please register your 44VSL with us? And tell us where in the world you are? or just Private Message me the serial number so I can register it in your account for you? Then we can get a support ticket going to help you.


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