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my question, unanswered
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I posted a question in the "StudioLive General Discussion" thread and now I can't access the thread but can access all other threads.
What's up with that?

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Your thread has 2 answers. It was moved to the appropriate forum. If you can't access the link below, you probably need to register your hardware. Make sure to use the same login you are using currently so myou can access all the appropriate areas.

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My Monitor Station shows registered.
Where was the thread moved to?
I still couldn't access the link sent to me.

When I try to access the page I get this:
Oooops. You don't have sufficient privileges to access this message

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There may be a bug not allowin you to see the thread - not sure. Either way, the answer was to read the manual and there's a section on changing the meter levels.
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