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Missing devices
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Since upgrade from Studio One Artist to Studio One Artist 2 I sometimes get notice that devices are missing from songs I recordered in the earlier version. (Compressor, Pro EQ, Room reverb, analog delay. I thinking that maybe I should try to move missing devices from old to new versions. Don't know how I'd do that. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong or how I can remedy situtation?

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Since Studio One was updated to 2.5 they added a mix control to the original effects so any song created before that would show up as missing. You might want to keep version one and mix those songs down to stems and render those effect berfore you move them to version 2 or while you have them open in version one render all the onboard effect to audio and then open the song in version 2.

When they updated those effects they did give notice that this could happen and hopefully you can find a way to remedy this issue. .

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