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Question on audio stream back to the desk
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I was wondering if I can route the stereo audio stream back to the desk on the tape in of the desk to monitor it.
I am using a mac, and with logic I can define where to route the streams back, but if I want to have iTunes or any other application for listening running in mac osx it routes the mono stream to channels 1&2 of the desk. Where can I change these settings to get them on the monitor section of the desk.
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It sounds like you have a few questions with separate answers. I'll make some assumptions, but if I don't answer your questions please state what you ultimately are trying to accomplish.

If you want to monitor the entire board mix in your headphones, try hitting the "main" button right under the phones/monitor knobs. While you are doing this, you probably want the solo button off in the monitor section.

If you want to route itunes output to the board, I personally prefer to just run an analog cable from laptop headphone out to a pair of board channels. This allows for full fat channel, aux, and sub routing.

The two concepts above stack. If you wire itunes into a full channel directly, you can then listen to it via headphones very easily.
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in a studio setting you would use the Monitor/Control Room outputs to your studio monitors... for this use, simply send your iTunes etc... to 1/2 and press the D)) button in the monitor module and it will play on your studio monitors For Main PA it is the same thing... in TAPE return press the D)) to return FW to this input...

you can also assign them to channel inputs and stereo link them... a few ways to do this depending on what You want in the end.

Note: in UC go to SETTINGS open WDM and check your outputs... you can route here too!

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