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Project, track to play to.
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I've a little project going, where I grabbed an old demo we recorded going on 15 years ago, that had acoustic guitar and vocals. I just overdubbed drums and bass and now I'm seeing if anyone's interested in creating their own version of it by adding solos, keys,chop it up, whatever. I've had a couple of versions come back so far, both good and different. Anyone interested in giving it a go grab the song here:

It's in the store, pasture project, one more time with drums and bass.

If you're going to try a version let me know via pm and I'll add it to the album. I'm not going to post results for a couple of weeks.

Thanks for any interest!
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Good luck with that... I hope you get a few bites.

I'd think most of us are busy with our own projects.
I do like the song though.
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