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Problem with S1 output to external MIDI keyboard
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Hi all.
I made progresses with the setup of my Yamaha PSR-520 keyboard and S1, but I still have a problem.
Up to now I am able to:

1) Record the MIDI signal from the Yamaha in a S1 song
2) Directly play the sounds of S1 with my keyboard

The problem is that I tried to replay a registered MIDI song from S1 to my Yamaha, but did not succeed.
I have a USB-MIDI connector, and the two midi plugs are correctly connected to the MIDI ports of the Yamaha.
My workflow is the following:
-I set the PSR-520 as an External device in S1, with "Receive from": "USB2.0-MIDI"
-I can correctly record an Instrument track with the MIDI signal of my keyboard

For the MIDI output from S1, I have two possibilities in the options of the PSR-520 External device. The "Send to" field can take the same USB2.0-MIDi value as the "Receive from" field, or a "MIDIOUT2(USB2.0-MIDI)" value. Being in doubt about the difference between the two, I tried with both, but in any case the playback from S1 seems not having effect on the Yamaha, and I don't hear any sound.

Being quite new to S1 I dont' know if I need other tracks in this case to obtain a correct MIDI output, could you give some suggestions?

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The question is: Do the created sounds get generated by the keyboard or by Presonus?
Your keyboard can only generate some specific sounds, let's say GrandPiano for example.
If you use completely different sounds that are available in Presonus (there are some free soundsets available online),
these sounds/voices cannot be played by the keyboard via MIDI.
Only if you create and generate sounds with your keyboard, they can be played by the keyboard.
To do that, you must now the exact MSB LSB and PC (most significant bit, least significant bit, programm change number.)
(You can find it in your manual - attached a screenshot which contains some data- not all.)

So when you have let's say 5 different channels, for each channel you must specify the data.
CH09 for example 127000000 (StandardKit)
CH10 for example 127000000 (StandardKit)
CH11 for example 000000055 (FingerBass)
CH12 for example 000000007 (DreamElectricPiano)
CH13 for example 000000069 (SynthBrass1)

In this case, Presonus will not generate any sounds but send the MIDI information to the keyboard, which will produce the sound.
This has the advantage that you can work on your song, because if you would just work on your keyboard (without software), you would be limited much.

To be honest I don't know how exactly you have to specify this information in Presonus.
I think you must open the inspector and then you can declare the MSB LSB and PC.
In the Presonus manual you'll find that (search the manual for MSB for example.=

Try it and let me know if it worked.
Maybe you knew this all already - it was just by first guess.

Best regards
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Hi Justin.
Thanks a lot for your detailed answer.
I surely didn't know all this already. I am very new to DAWs, and up to now I never used my Yamaha for MIDI work.
Sincerely I was hoping that the possible solution to my problem would be simpler than that you envisage. It is strange that is quite straightforward send MIDI signals from the PSR to S1, and instead receiving them back requires a so deep knowledge of the MIDI structure.
Today, by carefully re-reading the manual of my Yamaha, I discovered that, to be able to receive MIDI signals over all the 16 channels, the "Remote Channel" field must be set to "Off" (it seemed quite counterintuitive to me actually).
The main problem, I believe, is that I still have no clear which is the workflow in S1 to actually send out a MIDI signal during the playback of an Instrument track. I think I correctly set the properties of my Yamaha as External Keyboard in S1 (the "Send to" and "Receive from" field), but after recording a MIDI track, I am not able to send it back to the Yamaha. Maybe do I need to add another kind of track?

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Hi all,
I make an update to my thread, in case someone else could be interested.

Thanks to some furher reading and tutorials, I discovered that in S1 it is necessary to create two different items:

1) The external keyboard, as I already made, to receive, eventually play and record the MIDI signal from the keyboard. In this case is important to set the "Receive from" field in S1.

2) The important part, that I did not know, is that it is necessary to create another External device, always linked to the PSR-520, this time setting the "Send to" field.

Now, at a variance with my previous situation, when I create a new Instrument track, in the little Output box of the track there is the possibility to choose the new external device, and the MIDI signal is correctly sent out when playbacking the recorded track.

Hope this can be useful to others.
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