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Is it the new OS X that is incompatible with old Firepod or the missing FW400?
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in this article
it says that my old Firepod (before it was named FP10) is not compatible with Mac OS 10.8.

Is that because, Macs, that come with 10.8 preloaded do not have Firewire anymore?
Then I guess an adapter thunderbolt-Firewire would do.
Or is it the software that is missing support?
Then I wonder, because I thought core-audio makes every device compatible.

Also, the Firestudio is not supported, but the Firestudio mobile is, why is that?

I do use PowerPC-Macs for now, but somewhen there will be the time, when I finally pull the trigger and add an Intel-Machine to my stuff.
I am from Europe and with the last update of the iMac (where the optical drive and firewire was abandoned and the RAM made not user upgradable) they upped the prices. Normally, my decision would go for an entry iMac over a Mac-mini (though that would have at least FW800, which would mean a cheaper adapter from FW400-to-FW800 (instead of Thunderbold).
I am not happy with these technical politics (no optical, no FW, noch upgradable RAM, specs) and price politics (well I know, inflation rise, but...) anyway. So maybe I will end up with a small hackintosh anyway.

But the most important question is, will I be able to use my existing equippment (Firepod and soon an additional Firestudio mobile or similar).
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