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3 no brainer requests: Hardware controller support, more flexible routing, Channel re-naming/hiding
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First of all I want to say that I am really loving the 1818VSL so far: and thankfully I've not had the driver issues that some have.

However I was actually quite shocked to find that a system designed for live mixing has NO hardware controller support ! ?
Yes the ipad thing is useful - but I had actually assumed I'd be able to use my Korg Nano control, as it's such a "no brainer"

2nd request is more flexible routing - especially relating to main out and headphones. The option to route the main out to the headphones instead of 7/8 would be great: otherwise to achieve this I have to physically patch SPDIF out to in, and send only that to 7/8.
Being able to NOT have main out going to 1/2 aswell as the main out would be helpful too.

Lastly, channel naming and hiding.-
Again a bit of a no brainer to be able to name channels (perhaps a separate name field so you preserve the numbering)
Also being able to hide channels on a per channel basis - or at least being able to hide the SPDIF.
Oh - and of course I nearly forgot: Having a view where you can see all channels without having to sideways scroll.

Glad to see that there's been movement with the driver BTW - that's encouraging.

Anyway - I think these changes plus ongoing work on driver stability will make this really fulfill it;s potential and be even more of a "no brainer" buy for many.

Thanks for listening

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