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well , thanks to all your help , I can actually record, playback( and actually hear it), loops,, thinking about getting a midi keyboard, have no idea what to buy, .... what would be the correct physical hardware connections look like using an sl1642 interface and studio one v2 on the computer?? once again , appreciate all the help.

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Have a look at an alesis qx61 I have one and for the price its a pretty decent bit of kit easy to set up with S1 semi weighted responsive and playable
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I have an M Audio Keystation that does the light midi work I need it to do. I think it cost me $80

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Connection usually through USB so all you need is to work out your budget, how many actual keys (octaves) you want and a spare USB socket (Caution if you use a hub as they can throw a spanner in the works).
I find a 49 key ideal for most stuff as you can still raise or lower the octaves from the keyboard. but have a larger one if I need it.

Good luck
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If you don't have any other controllers you might look at the ones that have pads, rotary encoders, and switches.

They can usually be mapped to do most anything.

I prefer them on their own controller, not on top of the keyboard but some people like buttons there.

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Tacman7 wrote:If you don't have any other controllers you might look at the ones that have pads, rotary encoders, and switches.

They can usually be mapped to do most anything.

I prefer them on their own controller, not on top of the keyboard but some people like buttons there.

Agreed.....having an assortment of knobs, pads, faders, switches etc can be very useful for controlling various
aspects of VST synths.....however, if you don't have a lot of experience with MIDI, mapping can be tricky.
If you want these extended features you may want to check out Novation's controllers as they use Automap
which makes the process much easier.

If you don't want to spend that much or if all you want to do is record MIDI notes any old home Casio or
Yamaha keyboard will do and can be had cheap used on eBay or even at your local thrift shop or garage
sale. I usually prefer older models with real MIDI I/O so I can control other hardware but many newer
boards are USB only.

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thanks all... I was kinda leaning towards m-audio because prices are very good for what I need. can anyone show me a physical hookup from midi key using 1642 as an interface with studiov2. I want to have the flexibility of using the mixer and not just the software.

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Have a look at Nektar Impact LX49 / or Panorama P4!!!

Also the Berringer Motor 49 (due in July)

I did a bit of research myself today—looking for a newer controller—and found these the most impressive, after reading reviews about key response, pad response, ease of configuration, etc.

The Berringer is the unknown here, but it has aftertouch (not common for $250) and 9 motorized faders, etc. Looks pretty cool.

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You may want to play around with the keyboard before buying one. Remeber that you can buy a controller with everything on it, but if you don't like the key, you have to replace the whole thing. The other choice is the controller that only functions as a keyboard, then add the pad/slider later (by getting things like Korg NanoPad/NanoKontrol).

I used to have a CME keyboard which everything looks awesome on the paper, but I sold it because I don't like the key. Currently I'm using Roland Juno-Di as a controller.
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