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Hi do I create an 808 Kick
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Hi, I'm still rather new to music production and Studio One is the only DAW I've use and have. I'm running the professional version only have stock plugins....

I want to know how to create the deep bass 808 sound that is popular in rap/hip-hop music.

I usually just layer a sub bass instrument from Kontakt or Kore Player and a basic kick drum on two separate tracks while making the my beats, but I'm in the process of making my own sounds and styles.

So far I've just loaded a kick drum .wav in Sample One and EQ it 808 modeling from Pro EQ but it always sounds to distorted, gritty and just plain horrible. Even when I try to EQ it myself.

If anyone has any tips, tricks, EQ settings and/or any other advice I will be grateful.

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Studio one does not really have much tools for sound design built-in.

That said, with 808 it is easy, download some 808 samples (Wave Alchemy for example has a good free pack) and make your own impact
kit of them. (Check youtube for tutorials on building impact kits).
And tweak ahead from there.

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You might want to look into Studio One's Tone Generator effect. Dial it in to the pitch you like, and then sidechain that (using a gate) from an existing kick sample, or automate it to trigger the tone generator sound wherever you want to bring the boooooom.

The following article is about how to add bass to existing kick drum recordings, but the workflow shown is nearly-identical to what I'm describing to create your own 808-like sound. Hope it helps!

You might also be interested in Goldbaby Essentials.

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