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Can the 16.4.2AI be controlled remotely over a LAN?
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We are evaluating mixer's for a small permanent installation in a building that has an existing LAN. The LAN has a central 24-port switch into which are plugged computers and wireless access ports. We envision a mixer would be plugged into one of these ports.

The marketing literature is ambiguous regarding an ability to control a 16.4.2AI mixer over a LAN. The consumer term "wireless router", is not specific enough, but that is the area I need to focus on. As you can see, we have both wireless access and plug-into-the-wall access to a LAN available.

1. Can we plug the 16.4.2AI "Ethernet" port into the building's LAN switch, and then control the 16.4.2AI from any computer that is also plugged into this same switch (we understand we would need the VSL-AI software in that computer)? FYI, this computer would be located in a video room which is away from the actual mixer where the people might control both the audio for the Video Transmitters, and sometimes adjust other aspects of the mix).

2. Simultaneously, can we use the mixer's wireless access port capability to communicate with a co-located iPad for control by a roving FOH person?

3. Simultaneously, can we connect another computer to the 16.4.2AI via its FireWire port for the purpose of recording (control not necessary).


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I think you need Firewire connection to run a recording software/computer with these boards... your LAN connection is just going to give the ability to use the iPad control of the board via the router connected to it. VSL software runs on a PC/MAC and needs to be connected to the board via firewire for that type of communication and control. The ipad/iphones need an app loaded on them and wifi connect to the board.. I don't think it works on a PC/MAC that I am aware of unless connected via fiewire and using VSL. So if you can get a long enough FW connection, and there are ways to do this, then you can run a PC/MAC in a remote location...

so with an iPad you can get around the facility a bit and control the console and as long as there is a PC/Mac connected via FireWire running VSL you can use it and recording software. There can only be one PC/MAC connected at one time.

you might check into Symetrix... they offer a lot of solutions in this type of installation that a board like this can be integrated into... The Jupiter * is an expandable system and speaker management with a built in MIXER and is programmable and I have set these up with a 2442 older version in the loop...

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Thanks for the info - we'll be discussing it. I understand you to be saying No, we can't remotely control this mixer with a PC/MAC via only the LAN itself as in Question 1, because I think you're saying the Question 1 and the Question 3 functions have to use the same PC/MAC and can not be two separate PC/MAC's. And you also say the other two questions are Yes only if a PC/MAC is connected via FireWire directly to the mixer independent of that PC/MAC being connected to the LAN. As for somehow installing a "long" FireWire cable - we might conclude that is a bit awkward.

Thanks also for the tips about Symetrix and Jupiter, I'll research those right now.


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I'm pretty sure that you can control an AI mixer with VSL through ethernet (LAN) without being hooked to firewire at all. But you will not be able to record with capture and you will not be able to use the SMAART tools within VSL without a firewire connection because the ethernet connection does not (yet) provide actual audio streams to the computer to be analized or recorded.

I seriously doubt that there is a way to have one computer connected with ethernet and another connected with firewire, but I don't claim to know everything.

You can connect more than one iPad to the board wirelessly, and if it were me, this would be the solution. You have a computer next to the board, connected with firewire, you connect the computer and the mixer to the LAN with ethernet, now you just need wireless access points in the rooms that you need contol over the mixer with an iPad (main room and video room), if these rooms are right next to each other you may only need 1 good wifi router and you wouldn't even really need to be connected to the LAN at all. You also need an iPad for each room.

For the video room I would probably be using a pair of AUXes for a seperate stereo mix, you can then limit the iPad used in the video room to only be allowed to access the AUXes so that they can create their own seperate stereo mix, this will require you to run hard wired balanced line level lines from the 2 AUX outs to be used for this to the video room where a recording interface may be used for the video (or these could be recorded by the firewire computer and later moved to the video in post editing), but either way for the video room there must be hard wired balanced lines to get the audio to that room to be heard through some speakers to make it possible to mix on the fly.

Doing a stereo mix using two auxes is totally doable with the StudioLive and can have completely seperate panning of each channel from the main mix (pretty cool! try that with an analog board!) But one thing I hate the most is when I'm watching a video and the guitar on the right side of the stage is coming out of the left speaker, don't do that!

Hope that helps, you can send my check in the mail

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Sorry for bringing back up a two month old post, but I can answer some of your questions.

I personally have an ipad and firewire connected macbook. With the ipad on Wifi, I can remote control the board simultaneously via both ipad and macbook VSL while doing a multi-track capture.

The network connectivity via ipad is fine from multiple LAN hops away as well. Specifically, I tested ipad -> Wifi to AP -> 100 ft network cable -> AP -> Wifi to 32.4.2AI mixer. As long as you don't have any internal LAN firewalling/vlans etc you should be able to connect and remote control from anywhere on that LAN. I suspect this requires a broadcast message of some sort to at least get started, so you'd need to be in the same IP subnet. If this technical jargon doesn't make sense, then it probably doesn't apply to your single network switch.

As an FYI, some AI setups involve a dozen iphones each remote controlling a different aux mix on the same board. The limitation here is usually Wifi, not software.

I personally have had difficulty getting VSL on Windows to remotely control the board, but that very well could just be my laptop. I haven't done extensive troubleshooting there. Also, I've never used the wired nic on the board, but I've never seen a forum post complaining that it didn't work.

Depending on the size of your production, I'm not sure if the AI series is quite ready for you yet. I love the board. The features are amazing, but the occasional glitchy software issues wouldn't do well if people are paying for your product. It's also possible my expectations are just high.
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