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What's happening to this community?!?!
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salvadoredelle wrote:It's all my fault...

Admitting you have a problem is the first step!
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I was thinking about this the other day at another forum. Over the years ive seen different groups take over and receed until all that were left were the diehard fanbois that lash out in the defense of there software god when a newby comes on board with a problem, let's hope that never happens here.

The one decent thing about this place(besides a lot of other things) is the mentality that pervades here that no one software is god and if it works use it(by itself or with rewire).

That type of maturity will linger on I hope indefinitely.
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Oops, wrong thread.

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Studio One Tips For Newbs

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LMike wrote:Oops, wrong thread.

That never would have happened in the golden age of this forum.

All the cool kids hang out in the middle of their meters, you should too.

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Everyone...Stayed tuned....Changes are a coming.

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Who took the trail mix!
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Take a look at some of the other DAW communities...

I've got nothing bad to say about this one
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Robitaille20 wrote: Ok... it looks like I may have stirred up a bit of a hornets nest here.. and was not my intention. Looking back on the post, I can see how that some people could have taken it wrong. I wasn't meaning to attack anyone, and yes I do agree that this place it still better than 99% of the other forums out there. If I offended anyone with my post I apologize for that- that was not my intention.

........................ I think I was just really trying to state I miss the vibe that this place used to have.

Hey, Cool Robitaille20. To this I call a truce and it was not my intent to lash back, but the forum by and large is what it is. Great in the past? I'm sure it must have been. Whatever it is, it has grown with more users now. As described, there's perhaps an element of bitchy want it now sorts who blast into the forum(s) and blame DAW features/crashes/equipment on others because it couldn't possibly be their shortcomings. You know. From at least what I've seen, the community remains helpful towards users coming in with questions, and you'll see it all the time. Well, I do from the two to three I visit.

I can't speak for all of the sites because I just don't know. I suppose the "customer service" line is a bit longer, and the tone of those customers can grow more negative. I'm probably naïve in this department because my Presonus "stuff" (as George Carlin would call it) simply works for me. Still, I'd probably feel neglected if I was put on hold, but I've come from an upbringing of you catch more flies with honey (but if that doesn't work, punch em out).

I still think I can get any question answered in these parts, and as mentioned by others, many of us have grown through time into this DAW, and that is what it really is all about. One needs to because its the craft itself of musicianship, or production that take the other amount of time to perfect. Many choose to stop into the forum and help others, or learn perhaps that little incidental side-chaining, or macro tip. At times, even get a laugh out of it as well.

So perhaps the forums are a little less than what you had seen or were used too from years past, I'll give you that. I'd have to say it's (and also stated) better than the other DAW forums that actually do suffer from technical or attitude failure, but you knew that I suspect.

Anyhow, thanks for making your statement clear, and just off the cuff, simply keep (as you mentioned) helping others and build the community to remain helpful/useful. None of us are looking for Disney Characters here (though I did see some smurfs). If it was that lotty dah, I'd get the hell outa here. Just read my Groucho Marks quote and you'll know I mean that.

Happy Holidays!

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In the words of the late great Graucho Marx "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member"

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So I've been around here pretty much since day 1. A few changes might have altered some of the mood here.

1) Studio One is pretty popular now.

Presonus has more work to do to keep up, so the forum has had to shift slightly. It's a company forum first and foremost so the main effort by any of the Presonus folks will be to keep the forum on topic, I.E. mostly it's for Presonus stuff. Earlier on with no/few mods the forum was a much more organic place where topics ranged from Presonus stuff to politics. While a pleasant place to chat with friends, the intent of the forum is to provide an outlet and inlet to the public to Presonus, and for users to discuss Presonus stuff.'s not unreasonable to see a little more of a straightforward approach to what gets answered by the Presonus folks and the regulars. This doesn't mean they don't care or don't want us to have fun, just that they need it to serve the purpose they intended it for.

2) Studio One is not "new news" anymore.

Less hype, more steady info, which always comes at a slower pace. You'll see the forum flare up again when the next release comes about.

3) The regulars are still here, but their lives have changed a lot over the years!

Some got new jobs, some developed new sources of income that took more time. Some have personal things that take them away for long times. I'm here when able but I also have my day job which is currently demanding a lot of my time (I.E. just about all of it!). So I'm around much less than I used o be. As life ebbs and flows I come back for more activity during some times. It doesn't mean I like the place any less. This is true for a lot of the old regulars...but they're here...

Don't stress about it too much. Those who are cool here will be cool, and those who are not, usually don't hang around for very long. The forum still has it's old pizazz, just a little more mature these days.
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skip jones wrote:Everyone...Stayed tuned....Changes are a coming.
Good news. I'm not going to ask "When?" I just look forward to it. Thanks.
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I find that, over the years that I have been on this forum, that there has been a slow trend towards people not replying when you answer there question. When the forum was young you would always get "Thanks for the reply and it solved my issue". Now it is quite rare to get that. I just rounds off a thread and makes you feel wanted!

I have been here since September 2010 and now feel like a very old Noise boy. I think that I have only ever seen 4 or 5 flame wars here. These were sorted by the moderators very quickly and users were banned.

It's still one of the best and politest forums out there. Long live this forum and I will fight to keep it a pleasant experience.

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matthewgorman wrote:
Kahlbert wrote:
I could use a little more love.

More love

Thank you.

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There are still a lot of really good people here that are trying to help others and make this a great place ... but then in today's society the majority feel entitled and want it all, want it now and they want it handed to them without having to work for it.

Manners.. a thing of the past... Patience.. another lost art form...decorum, something practiced in courtrooms and the armed services...common decency...out the door when MORE ME era hit...

We WILL continue to steer this ship on the correct course and if you feel something should be reviewed by the moderators or Presonus feel free contact any one of the mods here, we'll be happy to intercede and get things back on track... We try not to be heavy handed or impose our will on others... sometimes it's difficult, especially when someone that is being difficult owns a piece of Presonus hardware or software. Otherwise we could just boot them and be done it... but if they owned a product booting them means they would not be able to get any tech service either. So we have to be very careful who we cut off... so to speak.

It;s hard for us to be everywhere all the time, but with your help we can nip these things in the bud before that get out of hand. We do appreciate the backup when those that don't know how to act in public step out of bounds, and appreciate your patience as we work through those trying issues.

The new forum is coming in the (hopefully) 1st quarter of 2014, just realize that all the content needs to be transferred and that is already in progress, and Presonus is moving as we speak into it's new digs so hopefully we can cut them a little slack in this busiest of seasons.

Cheers to all, Happy holidays to you and yours, and thanks for making this a great place to hang and learn!

NOTE: If your having an issue, open a tech support ticket and bring the number here if you want help!

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gadget69 wrote:The new forum is coming in the (hopefully) 1st quarter of 2014, just realize that all the content needs to be transferred and that is already in progress, and Presonus is moving as we speak into it's new digs so hopefully we can cut them a little slack in this busiest of seasons.


I can't wait for you guys to fix the date format so it shows properly as Month/Day/Year.

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