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the bpb Freeware Studio section on my blog features several best-of freeware plugin lists in different categories:

here are a few articles:
Best Free Parametric Equalizer VST Plugins
Best Free Tape/Tube/Analog Saturation VST/AU Plugins
Best Free Delay VST Plugins
Best Free Oscilloscope VST/AU Plugins

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db wrote:Zebralette now available for free

Just checked this one out -- wow -- very inspiring sounds! Thanks db!
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2cthetruth wrote:I'm using 32 bit S1 as 64 bit causes too many cpu spikes. Anyway, the plug won't install for some reason.

Strange. Might be worth contacting u-he directly. Or perhaps try their forum.

talmen wrote:Just checked this one out -- wow -- very inspiring sounds! Thanks db!

Dubstep and House Music by Thedmncproject

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Here are some decent ones. I haven't seen mentioned yet.

OPTRON - Audio Leveler

Solid4010 - 4 band Parametric EQ Channel and filter section, sort of an SSL4000 clone / derivative

ThrillerEQ - Based on the Great River Harrison 32 EQ.
[Thumb - optron.JPG]
 Description Optron [Disk] Download
 Filesize 12 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  598 time(s)

[Thumb - Solid4010.JPG]
 Description Solid4010 [Disk] Download
 Filesize 19 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  657 time(s)

[Thumb - ThrillerEQ.jpg]
 Description ThrillerEQ [Disk] Download
 Filesize 20 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  622 time(s)

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This new notpad plug-in is going to be really useful for S!!

Melda Production MNotepad:

Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
VST/VST3 compatible host (32-bit or 64-bit)
Intel/AMD processor, SSE2 & multi-core support recommended

Mac OS X (Leopard / Snow Leopard)
VST/VST3/AU compatible host (32-bit)
Intel/AMD processor, SSE2 & multi-core support recommended

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On Melda website seems to be also freebie bundle. Just downloaded, not yet tested, since I´m supposed to be editing video...

Both Mac/Win versions

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This caters more to guitar players (especially metal musicians).

LeoPou's Plugins - Poulin Legion amp sim. This amp is amazing for progressive/melodic metal (really any subgenre of metal). Seriously, it's far better than any other amp sim, free or paid, that I've used and I also prefer it over using my old POD XT Live. You definitely need a cabinet which there are a couple of free cab sims on this site as well. I've been using the Legion amp sim with Recabinet (which is not free but worth the price if you're heavy into using sims and plugins).

Poulin Legion Amp Sim:

Another noteworthy LePou metal amp is the LE456 amp sim. I use this one mainly for leads but also use it for my second rhythm track for some songs.

Poulin LE456 Amp Sim:

There are a few other cool amps on here you can download; I prefer the Legion for my style of music though.

Another decent amp sim is Nick Crow's 7170 and 8505 sims (however, in my opinion LeoPou's amps are a bit cleaner-not as muddy but these are still really great amp sims):

With all of these amps you need a noise gate (which the gate that comes with S1 is perfect) and again, a cabinet sim (LeoPou has 2 cab sims on his site you can grab; however, I prefer Recabinet even though it's not free).

As far as effects, one of the greatest and most useful effects plugin packages I've found is Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series. It's free and it includes: Chorus, Compressor, Delay, EQ, Flanger, Limiter, Phaser, Reverb, and Auto-Filter. I personally prefer these effects over the ones that come with S1, but that's just my opinion. These effects are basic but they get the job done and seem to be of good quality. Here's a site where you can download the Kjaerhus Classic Series package (it's the first link on here):

Here's my personal guitar effects chain for most of my metal tracks (and this is a standard heavy rhythm VST chain):

S1 Noise Gate
Poulin Legion amp sim
Kjaerhus Classic EQ
S1 Tuner (I throw this on most all my guitar tracks...comes in extremely handy!)

I sometimes may add Kjaerhus Classic Chorus

My personal metal lead guitar VST effects chain:

S1 Noise Gate
Poulin LE456 amp sim
Kjaerhus Classic EQ
Kjaerhus Classic Delay
S1 tuner

For a while I was using the Classic Compressor and Classic Reverbs which are decent sims but my system bogs down with too many plugin tracks (4GB RAM, Dual Core processor...time to upgrade soon!)

Here's a clip of a tune I wrote using these effects chains so you can get an idea of how these sound (although I've enhanced/tweaked my settings a bit since I post this, but this at least gives you an idea of the tones you can get):

Anyway, hope this is helpful to someone.
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ALPHA & BETA Equalizers by

ALPHA is equalizer made primarily for mastering and sub-mixes. It separates stereo into mid and side signals and allows you independent equalization over both of them. Two sections consists of nine identical peak filters, with four frequency ranges and five selectable Q factors. Loudness module is based on equal-loudness contour, it can operate dynamically and produces transparent and smooth frequency response. Low-frequency compressor/saturator is for taming bass peaks and making it softer and harmonically richer. Tilt module controls the spectrum slope, which results in brighter or darker overall sound. Stereo width can be finely tuned with dedicated slider. HP and LP filters are only for removing extreme lows and highs. Side channel HP filter has finely adjustable frequency, so you can tighten up the bass. Auto-solo option enables soloing each filter's frequency for quicker and more precise adjustments.

BETA is similar in functionality to Alpha, but adapted to mixing needs. It's peak filter controls are the same. HP and LP filter sliders control the cutting frequency, while small buttons next to them select Q factor. Saturation mode is based on waveshaper and it gradually compresses audio depending on signal level and produces odd harmonics. Low-shelf and high-shelf filters have carefully preselected frequencies and Q factors, so your job is just to decide when to use them and how much gain to apply. Tilt module offers larger scale of spectrum tilting and has FL switch to achieve opposite responses for left and right channel. Sometimes it can be more creative stereo tool than classic panning. Auto-solo option works the same way as in Alpha, but also previews cutting frequencies of HP & LP filters. If you wan't subtle tool for enhancing timbral properties of an instrument or voice, rather than altering them beyond recognition, Beta will do just fine.

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In all these plugins is there a de hisser plugin which is free or costing small amount? I require as my room is a bit noisy. Fans and cars etc.
I tried samplitude trial version in which a very effective de hisser is present.It is very costly affair
I like and admire software people who develop sequencers and i also like people who sell it.

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wikter wrote:Digitalfishphones!!!
There are plenty of Dynamics processors here...

Just have to bump the Fish Fillets: the BlockFish is undoubtedly my favourite compressor so far (it eats bass and vocals for breakfast), closely followed by the CamelCrusher by CamelAudio, which I love on drums:
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Thanks a lot now i think my job will be done
I like and admire software people who develop sequencers and i also like people who sell it.

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Bootsy does it again.

Download here:

BaxterEQ – transparent mastering and mix buss shelving EQ

Finest tonal sweetening and finishing which always stays true to the source

* natural and accurate bass response
* authentic analog style HF curve rendering
* smoothest shelving operation

Perfectly suited for the mastering chain

* stepped controls throughout for repeatability and matched channel operation
* full dual channel layout
* full mid-side encoding support
* per channel level control for easy A/B match

Artifact free technical design

* low ripple and distortion filter implementations
* 64bit floating point internal processing
* oversampled for superior impulse response

Meticulously selected frequencies

* Baxandall shelving filters

* LF @ 74, 84, 98, 116, 131, 166, 230 and 361 Hz
* HF @ 1.6, 1.8, 2.1, 2.4, 3.4, 4.8, 7.1, 11 and 18 kHz

* 2-pole Butterworth filters

* LC @ 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 43 and 54 Hz
* HC @ 7.5, 9, 11.1, 12.6, 16, 21, 28 and 40 kHz

An additional analog signal path emulation provides some subtle but precious stereo imaging improvements.

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kiran phalke

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Thanks a lot
I think i will have to spend more time in exploring and testing these plugins than making music.

I can say I ask for just a de hisser and forum gives me full free package
I like and admire software people who develop sequencers and i also like people who sell it.

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Here's some more.

Make it idiot proof, and someone will make a better idiot!

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I hate having to dig for this thread so bump.

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Make it idiot proof, and someone will make a better idiot!
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