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Summer NAMM speculation thread...
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Jason Gray

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GLJones wrote:I vote for an 8 or 16 channel control surface. A FaderPort with 16 channels would be awesome, especial if it could pull track names from S1 and display them on the fader channels.

A Controller with a control link name display was on my mind the other day, although i only really want encoders and buttons with this,, unless of course they can icorporate the faderport, with an additional 8 encoders for sends, and maybe a little more icing on the cake, but i would pray it would not price the average joe out, like some of the high end mixers, maybe upto the £300 mark would be manageble at some stage, but above that it would the start to become mission for the average pauper

Iam only playing a hunch, but i think we may have to wait till maybe nere the end of the year or early next year for such to come to market,
Many off us have made this request and Presonus do listen, so here is to the near future.

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Just imagine being able to have this view in s1, for multiple lanes at the same time, better than the multi lane midi editor,which is more for orchestral arrangent, and bare in mind you cant beat this for drum sequencing also, its a must have view.
Cubase edit in place
sonar inline piano roll
and a few others Daws also have this editing feature.
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