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Problems with AudioBox and Recording
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I just got studio one 2 today, and i already installed everything i need. my audiobox usb however is not getting picked up by the studio one install
i went to studio one < options < audio set up< but the audiobox does not show up on the audio devices.
i tried plugging it in before opening the studio, i tried to look the problem up on google, still nothing.
if anyone could help me that would be great

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Hi, I'm newbie here, but been recording for a lil bit more than 8 years now.
I'be bought brilliant, but the cheapest AudioBox USB and for a week it was perfect - only a strange noise audible in headphones... seems to be synchronized with what I am doing with my mouse (?!) but it doesn't make sense, because I switched off LCD even from AC and separated audiobox far away from my desktop, but nevermind.

What is moer disturbing, I've been recording every day, and besides above problem, everything was going smooth.
Today, after long session of 10h+ recoding guitars in Reaper (session very loaded of plugins) audiobox itself has started to produce audible, loud crack and pop. I thought maybe it's fault of my guitar cord or pups, whatever, BUT I turned off all the cords, mics EVERYTHING out from the audiobox and run simple test; recorded uplugged signal.
Theoretically it should be crystal clear.
It wasn't, at all.
Cracks and pops once in a 15 - 30 seconds clearly recorded from uplugged device!!!

I followed all instructions from this great forum, but cracks still appears!!! This is unforgivable!

I use desktop PC Intel i3 3ghz, Windows 7 professional, 4GB RAM, and been recording in Reaper since always.

Why the problem appeared AFTER A WEEK of using?!

I re-installed all the devices on USB and all the drivers, ditched new drivers for audiobox from presonus site, got back to original one on CD. PROBLEM STILL UNSOLVED.

Please help me out guys!!! I CANNOT FINISH MY ALBUM BEFORE MIXES!!!

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You really need to tell us about your computer if you want any help, the x-ray monitoring is down...Also, these are 2 completely different issue and each deserves it's own thread...

If you look at my signature line you'll see that I have included all the necessary information about my equipment. Also, if you are a beginner, novice or expert that helps as well..

So help us help you!!


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