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Need an advice regarding my sound card
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Hey guys,

I'm wondering something and I hope you'll light me up on that matter.

I currently have an M-Audio 2496 sound card and I MIDI-compose, mix and master my work. I also use the M-audio 2496 for recording vocals.
What I'd like to know is what the difference would be if I an AudioBox interface instead of my current audio interface. Is it true there would be an audible difference only when recording vocals?
So, please, let me know if I'm missing out on something here. I'll also appreciate it if you can give me any ideas for a new sound interface by PreSonus in case you find it necessary given my music production needs.

Thank you!
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MIDI is MIDI for the most part. If the old one worked the new one will work.

Compare the specs of one device to your current one. I don't have both in front of me to answer your question properly.

And without a lot more information on your needs and wants we really can't recommend one interface over another.

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