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Hello Everyone;

I'm trying to connect a 32.4.2AI to our church network.
My first attempt was to run an ethernet cable direct to mixer, Response was --- "Invalid SSID Unable to Join Network!."
Next I ran from computer to wireless Cisco EA3500 router then to mixer. still, " Invalid SSID Unable to Join Network!".
My Ipad connects just fine.
What is the actual order, "chain of command" to connect correctly?
I've watched all of the youtube vids and followed them precisely. mmmmmmm "Back to the Bat Cave Robin!!

Thanks in advance

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SSID is a WiFi thing. Do you have the USB WiFi dongle plugged in? I'd remove it if you do.

Also, I'd guess there's probably a configuration setting somewhere in the menu to tell the board to use Ethernet instead of WiFi. That's the second place I'd look if my first suggestion doesn't help.
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It's supposed to default to wired when the cable is connected. But when in doubt, take the dongle out and restart with just the cable connected at the back.

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