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Getting levels has been difficult
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I'm a newbie trying to get my AudioBox 44VSL up and running on my Windows 7 Professional machine. I'm attempting to follow this PreSonus video to record my bass, but more often than not, I'm not getting levels on the track:

While troubleshooting, I discovered that I could record if I did this:
* boot up the computer
* power ON the AudioBox
* start Studio One
* power OFF the AudioBox
* power ON the AudioBox
* restart the computer

But now, even that doesn't work. My bass is fine. The amp cable is fine. Seems like something is up with the AudioBox.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any suggestions for troubleshooting?


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Are you on a PC or Mac?

Difficult to troubleshoot when no details about your system are given.

For example, there's a new post at the Studio One sub-forum that says a recent Mac OS update has solved some of their problems.


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