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Upgrade to S1 1.6 causes numerous crashes
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Hi guys,

After noticing that S1 got an upgrade last week from 1.52, I thought I'd take a few minutes to download and install the update like I've been doing since the original release a little over a year ago. Funny, just as it was installing, I thought to myself, I probably should have set a restore point in case I have to get back to 1.52 (I'm running Win XP Pro). Naa, it's ok I thought. All the other updates never gave me problems so why should this. WRONG! As soon as I installed 1.6 and attempted to open any existing song I had worked on in the past, S1 would crash. What was weird was that I was able to open any of the project or mastering sessions fine without a crash. The error message I got referred to an error with possibly an existing plugin if I recall. In summary, every time I tried to create a new song, or open an existing song, S1 would crash either immediately or seconds after where the audio playback engine would just freeze or the program would stop responding. Windows luckily had set a restore point earlier this morning when I first turned on my machine as a checkpoint so I was able to successfully restore my machine back to my solid running S1 ver 1.52. Just as a note, I had not made any changes to my PC before or after the upgrade and I was running version 1.52 with no problems for hours just 2 days prior.

Just wondering if anyone else out there is experiencing any problems with ver. 1.6 like I did? Also for future reference, is it possible to downgrade to a previous version if we have the previous version install files for S1? I was just glad my system restore method worked. The list of updates in ver 1.6 looked pretty appealing, but until I get this sorted out, I'm sticking to my solid running version 1.52 and counting my blessings.

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Basically there is no problem with installing two versions next to each other. They are pretty much self-supporting.

All installs (including later versions) are complete installs. Which means you can also just as easily uninstall 1.6.0. and install 1.5.2 without any problems. Suggestion would be to install to a different location so you can keep both versions on your system.
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