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FP-10's work in OS 10.9
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Like many of us who use DAW's, I held off on updating my Mac's to Mavericks unitl there was sufficient time for that OTHER DAW company to work out the kinks in their software. Personally, I have better things to spend money on then to upgrade my copy of PT's everytime there is an OS update...
Anyway, the GOOD news.
My FP-10's all continue to work in the new OS. I know that Presonus has designated this a legacy component, and does not support updating software, etc, and I am cool with that. What I was hesitant about was rendering my FP-10's useless, since they have been die-hard workhorses, and got me through the summer with the ability to multitrack record even while mixing on an analogue desk. With all other facets seemingly ready to go up to 10.9, I made the plunge, and viola! Everything works as it used to. Firepod control panel does not detect a device, but honestly, in the MAC environment, I have never had a need to use it. Audi/Midi setup and System Audio Preferences are more then sufficient to configure these devices.
Just wanted to pass the good news along, in case there any other "laggers" out there like me.
-Christopher McGilvray
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