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all my mixer is empty no effects no fat channels no thing
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i did the last update to the universal control 1.7.2 and to may studiolive 24.4.2 and after that all my effects and fat channels and the Graphic Equalizer is gone.
the scenes are existing but the graphic eq is flat
all the things that i save except the scene (the eq on the scene cannels )is gone. and all the build in fat channels that where on the mixer from the firs day are gone to.
where can i find all this information and get it back to my mixer .

thank you for all your help in advance

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You'll have to redo the update. It's a known problem, that a glitch in the download makes the built-in effects and outboard disappear (I tried it like 5 times). In my experience it's better to hardwire your computer to your internet router, in stead of using the wi-fi. It's more stable and more "clean" for a lack of a better description...

You will have to setup in Scene which parameters, you want to save. I'm not sitting with a mixer right now, but if memory serves me, it's the first page in the Scene Menu, and you can choose a number of things, like EQ, faders, Aux and so on... Turn them all to Yes, and when you Save, the Recall will get it all back

Good luck from Denmark

From Denmark

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Thank you very much
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