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activating code not working
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Joined: 23/08/2010 14:20:26
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Hi guys.
So here I am with my upgrade of S1 from artist( came with the SL24.4.2 ) to the PRO.
Tried everything that is possible. Must have done something wrong because my old product key stays active when I look at " my software". When I try to activate from S1 I get a message sating " This product key has been registred already. Please supply an unused product key". In "my software" I can see that I´ve got 4 license left to use.
What happened to the first one???? When I launch S1 it´s still artist, not pro........

I.m using a HP Pavillion dv5, IntelCore Duo CPU P7450 @ 2,13 GHz
4,00 GB RAM Vista 32 bit, and it works great with the SL24.

So far my experience of presonus gear is that it sounds great, if it works........
My SL 24 lost a fw port on day 1................. it has been sent for repair........... thought I might upgrade till I get it back.
Shouldn´t have done that.......... just caused more trouble........

Hoping that someone can help me,
Thanx in advance

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