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Guitar rig feedback problem and external audio leakin in using FireBox
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Hi all,
(Hope this is the right place for posting this...)

1) I've been having a long problem with guitar rig.
Whenever I put on a preset like 94 Rock Solo or God's Love or other high gained presets I start getting a lout high pitched incredibely annoying feedback sound. what can I do to make it go away?

2) External Sound gets into guitar rig(Like music playing in the backround when used as standalone and other tracks get inside guitar rig when I'm in a project)

I noticed the volume of external audio is increased when the cable is plugged in, but it exists even when the guitar cable is not plugged in.

I'm using Win 7 64, Sonar X2, Presonus FireBox and Guitar Rig 5.

Thx In Advance for the help.

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Are you sure that you don't have any live mic feeds in your system? The lead presets are highly compressed and LOUD. You also stated that external sound gets in the guitar rig. I think you might have your audio inputs mixed together somehow. Did you check on that?


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