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How to force FP10 sync without opwer disconnect
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So, I've had these two FP10's for a while and they are sufficient, given my budget these days, though all the advertised features aren't actually there and the firewire ports are a little loose (from day one).

Intermittently, they will not sync on start up, and though the easy fix is to reach around, pull and reconnect the power plug and they sync, I'd like to think there is something better. I'm using XP SP3, isn't there a service or something that I can either move up in order or make sure is part of the start up procedure that will force sync [i]EVERY TIME[/i]?

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I use a pair of FP10's myself and have not experienced any loss of sync in Win XP, 7 or 8
so I don't know of a solution to your problem. But, right off hand, it sounds like some kind of interrupt
issue. Have you fully optimized your pc for audio? Here's a link with tips if you haven't:

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