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How to solve "select Waves 9.2 Plug-Ins folder" problem
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Hi I've installed MaxxBass and Ps22 from Waves (Windwo 8 64bit StudioOne2.6)

whenever I launch Studio One, it keep asking to 'Select Waves 9.2 Plug-ins folder'

I've succesfully selected the ditrectory (D;/Waves/Plug-in) and hit 'select' and passed

But the problem is,,,, Waves keep asking for 'select Waves 9.2 Plug-Ins folder' whenever launching the Studio One 2 even though I've already select it.

also after select plug-in folder, in a Studio One Song project,
when I insert Maxxbass or Ps22, it ask again "select Waves 9.2 Plug-Ins folder"

then I can use those plug-ins.....

uninstall it and reinstalling doesn't solve the problem

I've done this 5 times but nothing is changed.

What should I do? hele me!

<PS : I've already talk to Waves guy, but they keep saying uninstall and reinstall it.. >
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everything fine here with S1 2.6 and Waves Gold 9.2 on OSX. Did you try to reinstall waves plugins using the default path?
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You need the WavesShell-VST 9.2 (DLL file) in your vst folder.
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No problems here with Waves 9.2 but I am on Win7 64bit.

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Call Waves on the phone tomorrow. They have outstanding technical support and will get you sorted out very quickly. I had the same message in PT at one point and I couldn't figure out what was going on -- they helped me solve it immediately (although, for the life of me, I can't remember what the solution was. Reinstallation may very well do it for you, though, as that can often solve problems of something being corrupted or out of place.
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I''ve uninstall and install again with default path,

Put the WavesShell-VST 9.2 (DLL file) in your vst folder doesn't solve the problem

nothing has changed

Perhaps I have to call Waves on the phone....

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I don't use waves, so I can be wrong... Try to delete all waves files, including appdata (c:\users\username\appdata) and register data, and install it again. I've heard that waves uninstaller doesn't delete all files properly, and you should delete them manually
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It sounds like you're not pointing to the correct folder but think you are
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