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Is my Firebox dead?!
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My Firebox has been working perfectly over FW 400 (with a FW400/800 convertor on my 2009 Mac Pro) without a mains plug for years.

It is suddenly now not working - blue light slowly blinks on and off, or no blue light at all (no red light either) and OSX/Logic can't see the I/O to select.

I've plugged it in at the mains, and now it works - but I get a high pitched whistling noise, which I now remember was why I unplugged it in the first place! I've made no changes to my system or software that have coincided with this problem.

Can anyone suggest a solution either to get the Firebox working via bus power as it did previously, or to stop the mains power noise? Or is my Firebox just dying and need to be replaced?

Any help much appreciated.


P.S I realise this is not the right section of the forum, but I couldn't find one that seemed to fit, mods please move it if there's somewhere more appropriate.
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Please log a support ticket in your account so Tech Support can help you. The forum is for community support and since you posted in the PreSales area, this post will probably be ignored. I'm going to move it to the FireBox forum found at the bottom of the main forum index.

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