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SL Remote and QMix on iOS 7 - Update
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To the PreSonus iOS user community,

We're very sorry this happened. As with any new Apple Operating System (phone or computer), the release that hits the street needs to be qualified just as any beta release.

Often Apple will make last minute changes not found in pre-release builds which impact us and ultimately you. This puts a lot of pressure on PreSonus to fix issues even faster.

We apologize for not being here to update the forum every day. We have been working tirelessly to address the iOS 7 issues for the StudioLive Remote and QMix (both of which were affected). Both apps are now in the App Store update submission process.

We submitted them on Thursday October 3 and they were made available by Apple on Tuesday October 8. (3 business days not including the weekend later).

SL Remote v1.5.5503 is available by browsing to the app store on your iPad and searching for PreSonus SL Remote. Here is a direct link:

- We are aware of two issues with this release
- Screen rotation is slowed to about 1 second between rotations. There were changes in iOS 7 which changed the way this works. We will work on improving this, however due to the large number of people that need this, we felt it was acceptable to get customers working.
- Channel Renaming appears to not work. We are looking into a fix for this.

QMix v1.3.5508 is available by browsing to the app store on your iOS device and searching for PreSonus QMix. Here is a direct link:

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