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Cpu usage drastically increased (after upgrading from Artist to Pro)
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I got a question and wonder if u guys maybe experienced the same problem. When I started out with S1 the CPU usage on a blank songpage (no tracks loaded, just the blank reset 'new song' settings) used to show 0% (off course). Now, after updating from Artist to Pro, it dangles between 8% and 15% without having anything loaded from the start. The fact that updated to Pro in the meanwhile seems irrelevant to me btw... That cant be it, I suppose...

Another indication: When I used to load, for instance the GRAND PIANO presence plug in (which seems to be a cpu hog as I was told) I could bang all the keys on my keyboard, lets say 40 at once just to test, without my CPU really havin problems with it. Maybe it stretched from 5% to 20% max. But now, it peaks to 50% or 60% when I do that. I will have to admit that due to some install problems I still have the Studio 1 content (loops, instruments, effects) installed on the same drive (C my OS and Studio 1 Program is installed to. Can that really be such a significant facor. (Perhaps because it stores my song/project files including its audio to my C: drive).ment tracks.

But the main question remains: how Can my CPU-meter be indicating it uses +- 10% to 15% on a blank song with no audiotracks/instrument tracks/ effects or whatever loaded in..?

Another thing I dont really get is that when my CPU meter indicates, lets say, 50% or more my system cpu meter in the taskbar says just 15% or 20%... Which one tells me the actual number/usage?

I've got a four core i5-750 processor on a windows7 system. Please let me know if ur running the same system/specs or have a clue or inkling what the problem can/should be.. I never ran out of CPU-usage btw.. but I never used more than 20 or 25 tracks/instruments.. and not too heavy on the effects (so far)

The only time my CPU usage is bugging when I load a few Kore tracks, but I heard that seems to be normal.

Like I said, anyone who got the slightest idea: Hit me back on this one !!!

btw Im about to try the optimisation for Windows7 (or vista as it was posted) soon,

but I still cant stand that not too long ago my Cpu could handle almost anything without ever passing 20% and now its almost at 20% at startup without having done anything.. While the only thing I done in the meantime was upgrading from Artist to Pro.

thanks a lot,
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