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Load and play a VST Instrument

Studio One
Click drag done!

Here's how it's done in Saw Studio for $2500

Work-flow mayhem
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Wow! Thanks for sharing! That is amazing that it is as "easy" as he says in the video. NOT!
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That GUI would have to be the worst I have EVER seen.

What was developer thinking?
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liam1895 wrote:That GUI would have to be the worst I have EVER seen.

What was developer thinking?

 moreover that beauty costs $2500...
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Okay that was insane.... 2 mins to explain how to add a VST lmao.

laughing at him harder when the audio doesn't playback as he expected.

Funny enough, I was just looking at Sawstudio threads today. I found a thread that showed how pompous & high browed the developer is... and listening to his voice really confirms it. Read the first post:

PS... it's such a horrible interface b/c it was designed in like 1987 or something crazy and the guy has his head so far up his BLEEP that he's convinced he doesn't need to make any improvements... anywhere... to anything. Read the link I posted for his real response.

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Holy Smokes!!
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Bob the developer learned to code on his own and made SAW it was one of the 1st DAWs for a PC.

There are tons of DAW's these days with tons of great options no doubt but one thing still stands true about SAWStudio you can run tons of tracks with just a little ram and a slow's all in his fixed point math and SAWStudio still is a great sounding DAW.

Check out this video demo of Bob using it, look how fast it is and how many tracks and effects he is using with just a 1GZ CPU/ 512Ram

Also there are tons of skins for SAW or you can make your own. It is what it is but you can't deny how good it sounds and how sable and fast it is.

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CPhoenix wrote:...and listening to his voice really confirms it.

i don't think that's Bob Lentini in that video. I've heard his voice a number of times and that doesn't sound anything like him to me.

Just sayin.
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I had a similar experience recently when looking at DP8.

Clearly the designers have never seen how simple a session-view can be (Ableton).

I lost count of how many times I muttered "wtf".

Would love to have session-view in S1... but please don't do it like DP8.

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whitePhazer wrote:
Click drag done!

Here's how it's done in Saw Studio for $2500

Work-flow mayhem

Thanks for sharing! Saw Studio and the video has left me with an entirely new look on life.
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