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Lost All Input
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I've had a series of annoying issues ... just reinstalled Universal Studio in an attempt to fix, and re-did firmware on SL 16.4.2 ... Firmware Version 1.50a, Buld 190 ... (pretty sure that's where it was already) ... and now have lost all inputs.

I've lost inputs before - reboot of the SL seemed to fix it, although that qualifies as annoying - especially mid-gig. Recently I started using Capture - great feature but last night the board went dead again - mid song. I unplugged the PC-Firewire, and it took a couple SL reboots but did get inputs back for the rest of the gig.

Today I was playing back the Capture Files, and it froze ... and I lost all inputs, now I can get nothing into the SL - neither FireWire nor Analog. The Gain Reduction is all red (-72) regardless of which channel is selected.

When Hooked back to the computer, I get the SL showing in Universal Control, change the board and the PC moves ... but - again - can get no input to the SL ... even after sustained "off" before reboot .


P.S.: Occasionally when adjusting mid-set (like loading a channel preset) the SL will freeze - all the lights go out except for some random ones - and always the same ones (I have a picture on my phone if that helps) - and the board "works", but I can change no settings either on the SL encoders or from the PC. A reboot between songs has solved this in the past.
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I hate to tell you, but your SL is ripe for a visit to the "hospital"...

When the mixer does the "GR full on" it's the DSP, that isn't working properly.
Not even reboot of the mixers software will do the trick, because the problem is in the hardware. You need to start a support ticket at Presonus, and get it to either your dealer (outside the US) or to Presonus. If it's out of warranty, the good thing is, that Presonus has a flat rate repair price.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news...

Good luck from Denmark
From Denmark

>R.I.P.< SL16.4.2>R.I.P.< Never again.
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yea ... going back to the shop today. Thanks !!
mike devore

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the picture you posted is the same thing on one of my 16's
Got it going again but in a few days the desk wont even power up.
Looks like mine is going on a trip to the big toy store.

my guess is it took a big spike that the filter didnt stop.
its time that 32 ships ! i made a case for it 5 months ago and its collecting dust....
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