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Files Lost In Studio One Artist
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Hey all I am having trouble with Studio One artist. I am able to record no problem and the program works great, but when I save and close to come back later its like it has forgotten all i have recorded. It saves the song title and the song file but when I open the song it gives me a long list of all these files that it cannot recover and what i once recorded is not longer their. Why does it do this, does this program not allow you to save and come back later? Please Help!!!
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This is a strange situation.

I have never personally had this problem but I will try to help as best I can. Studio One creates a small file in itself that tells it all the details for the song you're creating. This way it can look in those areas later when you restart the song.

On my system (Vista 64) Studio One tries to save to my Documents. Is there anything there? If the stems are there then you can breathe a sigh of relief that at least you didn't lose your work.

Do you record to an external drive? If so is your computer booted up before you plug it in or do you plug it in and then start the machine? Do you plug it to the same port every time?

Reason I ask is that if you are using an external USB (especially if you have more than one) and you plug it in to a different port the OS may decide to give it a different drive name and S1 will not be able to find anything. It also may organize differently during boot up than when fully running. Just ideas at this point.

Just to help in the future. If you're having a computer related issue letting us know what you're running helps to streamline your help and gets you to a potential solution faster.

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I had this same problem. I was saving data to my external discs. When I booted and started Studio One I saw that my external drives, though appearing to be on, were not showing up (in finder in OSx). I restarted them and they showed up. However the files weren't found by closing and reopening the song. But when I completely closed Studio One then rebooted - they were there.

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try right-click and refresh
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