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Yesterday's LiveStream recap (while I can still remember)
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I was able to watch most of both LiveStream events yesterday and I just wanted to collect my thoughts for those who may have missed them.

1. The big "reveal" was the new 16.4.2 AI and 24.4.2 AI mixers.
2. Very tight integration with Studio One and Capture on new mixers, including a new FAT Channel plugin that you can change in either and send back and forth.
3. Capture 2.1 will store scenes from AI mixers - including FAT Channels - which will open when you open them in Studio One 2.6.
4. New prices:
16.0.2 (no AI version) - $999
16.4.2 AI - $1999
24.4.2 AI - $2999
32.4.2 AI - $3999
5. New AD/DA converters on the new mixers.
6. New FAT channel not compatible with old FAT channel settings. They hinted at a forthcoming tool to import settings/scenes, but with the new algorithms, they will not match 100% what you had in your old scene.
7. Fully-parametric EQs and mute groups available on all mixers, but the smaller mixer will only have access through VSL or SL-remote due to the desire to not change the mixer layout. You will still only have semi-parametric EQs on the 16.4.2 when using the mixer controls.
8. All three AI mixers are exactly the same under the hood. The only difference is number of inputs and controls available on the mixer itself.
9. Rick Naqvi hinted at some kind of trade-in program for current StudioLive owners in the January timeframe.
10. I said so above, but just to be clear there will be no 16.0.2 AI mixer and none of the AI features will port to the 16.0.2.
11. I forget what he called it, but if you hold the TAP button and scroll all the knobs, it resets the FAT channel to "zero". This includes zeroing out graphic EQs if that's what's open on the FAT channel.
12. You no longer need to save presets on the mixer and then move the files to the computer. If connected, it will save in both places.
13. When you rename something anywhere, the name changes everywhere (including Capture).
14. Virtual Soundcheck in Capture will now recall the mixer scene as well as play the WAV files. It also engages all FireWire returns on the mixer. When you exit Soundcheck, your mixer scene will revert to the previous settings, including turning off FireWire returns (memory on this is a little fuzzy).
15. They tested the 32.4.2 AI with 15 iDevices connected - 1 for SL-remote and 1 on each AUX channel. Each have their own permissions definable.

That's enough for now. I'll add more later if anything else comes to me, but I really wanted to get these out of my brain before they fell out...
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