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Trouble installing control panel for Firepod
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I bought my Firepod new back in 2006 and used it on a windows pc. I purchased an iMac one year ago and am trying to install the Firepod control panel that is available in the downloads section. It appears that my OS version should work. However, when I install the pkg from the download, the end result is No Device found. I also do not see it in the audio setup. I bought the firewire cable from apple since the one that came with the Firepod was not compatible.

Any advce or help would be greatly appreciate.d

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)
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The firepod control panel really never provided me anything more then info, and has no tools that are useful (that I have found, anyway) for a Mac.
I continue to use Firepods on 10.9. Forums will tell you that 10.9 is not supported, but since it is compatible with a ASIO driver, it continues to work, and show up in midi preferences. Here is what I would try:
Try another cable solution. I know, you have tried that, but my experience (as an Apple service manager) is that cables - especially when you are converting T-Bolt down to FW 400, can be problematic. If your iMac is a year old, it should not have FW800 still installed on it, so you are converting T-Bolt > FW800 > FW400. I did this too, but not on the first try. Normally, I would assume an apple cable to be good...
Go to your Audio/midi set-up, and rescan for devices. Make sure it is recognized there. If it is, then go back to Audio preferences, and select it (assuming it now shows up) for your audio input and output. You can set frequency on this panel, as well, and make sure sliders for the master channel are all the way up.
Lastly, what DAW are you using? I know you said that you cannot see the device in preferences, so this is getting ahead of the game a bit, but here is why I ask: Once updating to 10.9, I found that Cubase will only recognize 20 channels of the three FP10's, not all 30. I have not figured this out yet, and have been all over the I/O settings. Luckily, I do not use Cubase. I was simply testing everything after updating OS's. ALL of my other DAW's see all available channels (PT's 10, Logic 9, Reaper, Mainstage, StudioOne 2, etc) as the aggregate device that I set up.
With all of that said, with my 3 FP10's connected, selected in preferences under audio input and output, and working, when I open the Firepod control panel, it also says no device. (See screenshot)
I hope this helps in some way. I was almost ready to eBay my FP10's, which would have broken my heart, since they have saved my butt so many times in the past, but I was very happily surprised to see that just the Control Panel was no longer supported, and that the devices still RAWK ON.
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