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Aux Isolated SUBs Or Crossover with subwoofer out or Both?
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I have a live sound setup using the 2442 I just dont get the drive I want out of the subs like I want. I've read the forum for the past couple hours about aux isolating the subs and the idea seems intriguing (though i dont like the idea of having no control of the subs on the main fader) And i dont think you can route aux 10 to sub4. That being said I'm torn btw running LR out or mono out to a crossover (super-x behringer) and running the subwoofer out to my subs and or a combination of the two (aux 10 out to crossover to sub out to amp). My top cabinets are full range and are run in stereo. Quasi 3way BS JRX125 they sound OK so I don't want to cross them over (But I may have to?) to keep mains and subs in phase?

Suggestions? (I know JRX is Crap)

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I run aux subs almost exclusively.. but have on occasion needed the extra auxes and use a driverack as a sub controller. Generally if you engage the 'post fader' on the Aux you use then the bass IS controlled by the faders...

The Aux fed method gives you ultimate control of your subs, and really helps with LF buildup.

I have to caution you here though, running the tops fullrange you will get comb filtering on the overlapping that case I'd scrap that idea and use the crossover for the whole system...
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I run aux subs with the tops either ran on the "Ext Sub" setting, or crossed over at 80-100Hz with the EQ. Still trying to find a happy medium.

If you do not have a dedicated FOH guy, just run full range with a crossover. Keep things simple.

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