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EV ZLX with Presonus 16.0.2
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I'm thinking about picking up 4 EV ZLX-12P's and a Presonus 16.0.2 or 16.4.2 to use/rent as a small vocal PA, as I love my ELX speakers, and it would be nice to have a small system to take around when I don't need the big stuff. Maybe throw in one of my ELX118P's to have a little low end, but nothing too fancy. Anyone get a chance to listen to them and can speak on how they compare to the ELX series?

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From what I been told they hang with ELX but that's just here say and haven't heard then in person yet.

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for about half the price of the ELX, they sound about half as good.

more designed to compete with the Alto / Behringer speakers than semi-pro / weekend warrior market.

neat LCD menu features too !
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I have the 16.0.2 and i'm picking up 3 of the EV ZLX 12P's ! I'm in an acoustic duo and I think this set up will be light compact and work for all the venue's we work in. I'll check back with you later on how it's working out. In my reasearch nothing can match the ZLX's for the price and weight and sound!

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They look like a real nice combo for the 1602. Keep it small and simple set up. you can always add a sub on the mains if needed for a DJ gig.
I use my 1602 as part of my keyboard rig with 2 older Mackie 450 powered speakers in stereo. I run my keys, bass, guitar and playback through it and it kicks! With the fire wire inputs I have soft synths and playback in multi track... I use tracks 1-8 for hardware keys and tube guitar/bass preamp and 9-16 in stereo for the Software stuff and playback.

these EV ZLX speakers are in the same class as QSC K series. these should kick butt for you with the 1602 in a small PA setup!

I'd get 15's for the mains and 12's for monitors this way you have a scale-able small system, use just the 12's for real small gigs or just the 15's or all of em for a full band with monitors.

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Sound half as good? I have to disagree with that, that's a great combo and as far as the Alto's go, fantastic boxes, not even in the same league as behringer, in fact a better sounding cab than many on the market , I would chose the Alto's over either of the EVs you listed, Don't understand because something is priced normal and doesn't have a certain name on them its always assumed there junk, They are one of the best selling active cabs on the market right now and for good reason, They rock ! Two solid years of heavy heavy gigging on mine and work as well as day one, built like tanks, quiet as a mouse at idle and crank out awesome sound. I just did sound for a very well known band in my area ( Tattoo Cowboy) And they still cant stop talking about how great there gig sounded with the Alto's !
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As far as the Alto's go if you would A/B them next to the EV's (ELX) you would hear the difference.....if your just listening to them on their own they sound good but they break up way before the EV's when pushed hard. And the crisp-ness (Sweet Spot) is missing from the Alto's.... on a budget they work and you can do a show with them but they are in the same line as Behringer...... but honestly if you believe that that company is doing you a favor by selling their speakers cheaper than a higher matched competitor ( EV, EAW, Even JBL) then think again. They are in business to make the most amount of money they can from their product.... they are priced competitively for similarly matched powered speaker. You get what you pay for EV, EAW, Meyer and the likes are priced high because they are GOOD, You never get something for nothing.
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