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I am running sound for a band this weekend with my SL 24 .. Planning on plugging into their QSC powered speakers. Any tweaks I can do on the SL for pseudo type speaker management?

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What were you thinking exactly? You can use the grid EQs to fake a crossover but the QSCs have crossover built in I think. You have parametric EQs. You have Smaart. So yeah, you can do a lot...
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joel98z wrote:I am running sound for a band this weekend with my SL 24 .. Planning on plugging into their QSC powered speakers. Any tweaks I can do on the SL for pseudo type speaker management?

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As mentioned by mwright, you could simply run your main outs to the QSC's and take advantage of the built in crossovers. That's assuming you're talking about subs and tops. If you want to get a littler fancier, you can buss your kick drum and bass guitar to a sub-group and then use that sub group fader to dial in the right amount of low end. (Or you can walk over to the subs and turn them up or down)
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That's the beauty of a good set of powered speakers. They should, when done right, be a self-contained "system".

In my experience (which is a lot with powered qsc), subs are 3 notches higher than tops. So if main speakers are set to 12 o'clock, subs will be around 2 or 3 o'clock. Go with what works for you, but those qsc boxes are pretty good as is.

FYI - with my qsc system (2 subs / 1 top per side), I find 100hz usually needs to be brought down with my studiolives. Other boards are different.
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With the QSC's how do you have the output level set on the studiolive? or what is your procedure on setting the levels on both speakers and mixer?

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Apart from levels for tops vs. subs, gain structure is one part technical and one part taste and habit.
- Technically you want the SL output and the QSCs to clip at the same time: since the QSC level pots have steps you find the step where the speakers clip before the mixer (with the trim on the back of the mixer full on), then use the trim to make speakers and mixer clip at the same time. Now your mixer main meters are a warning for both.
- For taste and habit you can take maximum desired/allowed SPL into account, making the mixer clip before the speakers. Now your main meters are a warning for reaching your self-imposed maximum output power.

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Two ways of setting up...
1. Standard L/R stereo set from SL24 -> subs -> tops (with HPF engaged on the tops), all gains set to Unity or as stated above, set to limit

2. (Sometimes preferred), Aux Fed subs...L/R goes to tops, either high passed or full range with ~80-100Hz cut with main EQ, and subs sent on an aux send (usually Aux 10), so you have easier control of what goes to subs, and helps cleans things up a bit. YMMV.

I've learned to take out a little notch of 100-125Hz to get rid of rumble, and a buddy of mine using my system took out a couple bands around 250Hz to get rid of any muddiness. Once again, YMMV. Welcome to the club!
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