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Things I would like to see for Studio One V3
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- Improvements to Sample One and Impact

Impact - to make it similar to N.I Battery, where you have multiple banks. For example if your using an mpd and you have samples that take up more then 16 pads.. it would be nice if there were more then one bank, and also the option of high lighting all pads and making changes to each pad all at once.. instead of clicking on indivual pads when ever you want to tune the sample

Sample One - Would be nice if there were a way to chop samples.. similar to logic, recycle, or even adobe audition 1.5, where you can add your own markers start and end point..

better GUI for those instruments.. lighter grays with gradients for Studio One Interface, maybe some rounded corners.. similar to logic a very clean look

other then that I Love this software and I am planning to purchase v3 when ever that drops
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