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UC 1.7 issue
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I'm trying to update from 1.6 to 1.7. (I'm on a mac by the way)

I've done it several times, but each time, the information on UC says that I'm still on 1.6. I saw in another thread that it might just be a flaw, and that it's all good as long as the version date says December, 2012. But it says Nov 7, 2012. Am I missing something here?
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Same issue here

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I don't use Mac, but if my memory serves me right, there is a thread in these forums, that mentions, that on a Mac (some OS's) you have to completely delete all old UC's before downloading and installing the new. If one didn't do that, the computer would revert to already installed software...

The thread even mentioned, that you have to manually delete som folders - again, I'm on PC, so I can't tell you, which folders, they are talking about.

But good luck from Denmark

From Denmark

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