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ADAT input via Firestation, low level with line in's
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Hi all. I have a little rack system with my 1818VSL and a Firestation, which for those of you fortunate enough to not know about, is an older interface Presonus came out with. While it's pretty much useless as a FW interface, it works as an ADAT converter as well as a standalone analog line mixer. Has two tube preamps as well.
Anyway, I also have a couple Shure SLX wireless' in the rack that I have plugged into the line inputs of the Firestation, but I can't get enough gain on them. I have the Firestation's internal trim pots all the way up, so it's not that. The wirelesses sound great through the preamps on the front (even using the Hi Z unbalanced out of the SLX), as well as through the 1818, but I would like to patch them in through the rear, both for simplicity and to keep my XLR's free.
My question is, I guess, are the inputs on the Firestation known to be weak, or perhaps is the output on the SLX not terribly hot (these trim pots are maxed out as well).
Ultimately, then, if anyone has any suggestions to get a hotter signal with the line in on the Firestation, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks a lot,
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