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Lock - up on "recall" to load presets.
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Twice last night, the 16.4.2 locked when I was loading into a channel new preset in the middle of a performance.

A member of the audience was a respected horn player who had his instrument and decided to join in the set. I added a mic' for him, and while the band was playing, dialed in his gain, then went to load "sax" to the channel. The board completely locked - the lights went arbitrary, (but mostly off) and the knobs became dysfunctional. The PC and iPad both allowed my to move faders and knobs, but the board was unresponsive; the blue light levels also became stagnant.

Interestingly, everything still worked - the set went on (fortunately the critical mixes were close enough), I just could not make any changes. After the set, I rebooted the SL and everything came back as it should. It happened time too - I do not remember the circumstances, but again a reboot solved it.

What's Different? Earlier this week UC was updated to the 1.7 version. When Plugged in, the SL asked for a firmware update, which I gave it. It ran fine for a couple days in the "studio", and operated flawless

I'll reload software again and advise the results, but it may not happen "right away" ... this is just a heads up in case someone already knows the solution.
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My UC would disappear (although still functioned on a blank screen) and scene updating would lock up mid-updating on the 1642.

My "Fix" was an uninstall/wipe of UC from my mac mini, then a fresh install of Beta.

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