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The MFB Live Funk/Rock Show Studiolive 24.4.2 mixdowns (first try)
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Finally got a chance to do some recording with my friend's band last night, and it was AWESOME. Being able to walk around with my iPad and fine tune the system (especially after only having an hour to set up there at 9PM, set up and playing by 10:10PM, done at 1AM, and home by 4:30AM (2.5 hr drive home, lol). I love how I can sit here with my Macbook in bed and relax while mixing down the shows (not getting too fancy, just some basic presets and adjustments). Definitely made a good choice here!

Here are a couple of my mixdowns so far, I'm working on the rest as we speak, just taking it easy and enjoying the music. For those interested, the band is the Motha Funkin' Band (The MFB) out of Mason County, WV. The lead vocalist is in two or three different bands, and I ran sound for him on his uncle's property at their annual music festival, where he played with his other band.

We Want The Funk:

Regulators/Mothership Connection/Let Me Ride:

Super Freak/Can't Touch This:

Mary Jane:

Word Up:

Just A Friend:

Again, these are NOT by any means perfect. These are after about 10-20 minutes of tweaking and adjusting, thrown into a 24bit WAV file, converted in iTunes, and uploaded. However, all positive criticism is appreciated. Some things may seem out of balance as I haven't referenced them to my system yet.

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