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Tempo changes - bug or feature?
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I have a song with a few tempo changes. In the tempo track, if I click on one of the change areas it lights up, implying it's in 'focus'. Fine.
In the Inspector, if I type in a different tempo that tempo applies itself to the song and not the highlighted block in the tempo track where I wanted the change. I find that what I have to do is actually 'go' to the tempo change block I want to change, i.e. to take the now time to there. Only then will the new tempo change apply to just that aarea. This seems odd to me. There's no point in the tempo change block lighting up as being in focus when you have to move the now time to there anyway.
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Tempo change works this way:
- The tempo is changed at the place, where is cursor (playhead) placed in the song.

If you place the cursor anywhere, and just write the new tempo into the Tempo field, the tempo (under the playhead) changes. If you want to add new tempo change, click the + button in the Tempo track, and write new value.
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