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Keyboard 1/4" TS outputs to FS Mobile 1/4"TRS inputs also headroom on headphone 1/4" output.
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Jack Barry

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What type or cord do I need for this? Will TRS to TRS work? Build TS to TRS cord with sleeve and ring common on the TRS end? etc.
I don't seam to have a lot of volume in my AKG 271 MKIIs coming out of the FSMs headphone out. Talking, loud, into an SM 58 with the mic input as hot as it will go before the clip light, and clipping comes on/starts. With the headphone level maxed out by the way.

Well I just tried the headphone out again and no signal to the the AKGs. Input meter is working fine?
2012 Mac Mini 2.3g i7x4 16 gig ram, Presonus FireStudio Mobile, SM58, AKG271 MKII phones. External rack effects, Lexicon, TC Helicon, TC Electric. M-Audio Venom keys, 1/2 brain.
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