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themuzic wrote:
VG wrote:
themuzic wrote:
reddirt wrote:Everybody, time to sign off here - this is not what this forum's about.
Civility and respect is.
Cheers, Ross

Ross Muir
Alice Springs , Aust

Ah, it's only one thread. He'll be gone soon anyway. I agree with you though.

In fact, you, themuzic, are incapable to understand anything which is more complicated than 2 x 2 and you don't have logic and common sense at all. That's fine.

But this your reply indicates that you, probably, read the Zionist instructions - how to behave on forums when your opponent is smarter than you.

You use this Zionist tactics to turn away Thaty, who was politely/nicely professionally talking about pluses/minuses of S1. Are you, themuzicm, a Zionist or a mason or are you chosen by ... (who?)?

themuzicm - Yep. you got me figured out. I am evil incarnate. Satan works for me in fact. Why do you think I have bat for my avatar? I will enslave the world into using only one DAW! For it is the only way of life.

It's full name is actually, "Studio One And Only" there can be no other DAW. Once I bend the will of these feeble posters I will move to the Logic and Steinberg forums and corrupt their minds as well. Then, on to bring down the house of PROTOOLS. They will be my greatest victory! (cue evil laugh here).

Once I have gained control of all music creation software, I will take my all powerful Windows XP box and destroy all that is Macintosh. The greatest cult known to man (second only to the Studio One cult, of course).

Once I am through, every professional, home, project and bedroom studio will be using Studio One And Only on a Windows XP box and..........and, I can't go on, I'm laughing to hard at

This will be my last reply to you VG (to everyone's delight, I'm sure). I humbly admit defeat to your Canned-Laughter style righteousness, as conversing with you is like having a conversation with a game of Boggle...... blowing around in a tornado...... down hill..........with the lights off.

Signed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooosh.......................

why reveal your plans?? you know hell use them against you!

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This is not funny anymore (if it ever was).

I assume Jonathan or one of the other people responsible for the forum will soon take the steps that have become, without any doubt, necessary now for any moderated forum of human beings.

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even though i am guilty of participating in the ugly side of this, i do concur, this has to stop.

VG, you have been warned (by jonathan).

i'll leave this thread readable as a tiny reminder..
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