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A good pair of mics for recording a live band at FOH, DAW controlers?
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Jack Barry

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Well, after many hours of research I have decided on a FireStudio Mobile for my first interface. One of the things I plain on doing is setting up close to the Front of House position (FOH) and positioning a mic on both sides of that area. With the extra analog inputs I will probably experiment with some direct outs, subs maybe?
I have 3 friends that have house gigs and they are OK with that. The management is OK as well so, as far as I know I just have to get the "talents" OK.
Any suggestions on what mics? I am looking for cheap but decent quality.
Would small diaphragm condenser mics work?
Also I have a Mac Book Pro and a Mac Mini, will I be able to install the software that comes with the FSM on both computers?
2012 Mac Mini 2.3g i7x4 16 gig ram, Presonus FireStudio Mobile, SM58, AKG271 MKII phones. External rack effects, Lexicon, TC Helicon, TC Electric. M-Audio Venom keys, 1/2 brain.
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