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No Sound / Unable to arm.
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Rather than hijacking moosepoops thread I thought I would start a new one.

I believe I have everything installed correctly, but I am having two issues.

1 - I cannot record enable a track. I have my keyboard hooked up, and the meter in the track moves as I play, but when I hit the button to enable recording or arm the track nothing happens. It does not turn red as if it were armed. The monitoring button turns green, but the record enable button does nothing.

2 - I cannot here any sounds. When I select a drum loop and try to preview it, all the meters move but I hear nothing. The demo video sounds fine, but no sound comes from the studio one program.



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Similar problem except I have no movement of the timeline.

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Same here. I had "errors occur" upon uploading Studio1 and Universal Control. The studiolive unit seems to work fine but when i try to "enable record" nothing happens. Computer is brand new right outta the box too. Any advice?Anyone... Pssst! that request includes you too presonus!

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First things first, do a reinstall and see if that helps. After that, if no joy, try changing your default audio device and see if anything changes.

As I mentioned in another thread I typically turn off UAC before installing DAW software, just a personal habit from having issues in the past. You might consider that if on Win.
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Hi from Italy!
I'm very frustrated...
Same's almost 3 months i try to enable the record button, but nothing happens. it doesn't turn red and the tracks doesn't arm. This happen with the Audiobox and with Firestudio Project...something so strange...I had to say that just after the activation it works quite perfectly, but then something's gone wrong...PRESONUS ANSWER!!! GRRRRR!!!!
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