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How do I erase a Capture session?
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Two weekends ago I finally tried messing around with Capture. I put the disk in and hoped that it (Capture) was actually in my lap top (Mac Book Pro). I recorded all three hours of the band that night and played it back through my PA for a few minutes after we were done. Everything seemed to be there - GREAT! The next weekend I decided to record another show (we play 3 hours straight) and I thought I would erase the "session" from the weekend before. We had a fill in singer and I didn't need to save that session. I could not erase that session for nothing!

OK, I just opened Capture. I'm looking at the screen that shows a rectangle that says "Session". It has two choices underneath that say "create session" and one below that says "close session". Below that is another rectangle that says "Configuration". Now, to the right there's a bigger box that says "Recent Sessions". The session I want to delete is "LIVING PROOF FR 10-26-12" (there are two of them for some reason?). Last weekend I tried to delete these over and over and they are still there!

I'm not very "computery" so please excuse me if I use the wrong terms for things. On this lap top there choices at the very top of the screen.

Presonus Capture File Edit Session Help

I just clicked on "Open Session". A box opened up that says "Open" at the top. Down below, under "Name", there are choices of LIVING PROOF FR 11-2-12, LIVING PROOF FR 10-26-12, LIVING PROOF FR 10-26-12.capture, Cache, and Audio Files

What do I do from here? I'm telling you, I clicked on every one of these (except LIVING PROOF 11-2-12 - I want to keep that) and clicked around above looking for anything that said "Delete". I did this several times and both sessions (LIVING PROOF FR 10-26-12) are still there. If any of you can tell me STEP BY STEP what to click so I can delete the "LIVING PROOF FR 10-26-12" sessions, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!!!!!!

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just replied in the 24.4.2 forum. Where do you want to continue this thread?
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